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Monday, July 20th

Please watch the following videos before Monday's session:

Intro Video - What's in your Kit?

Intro Video - Why Keep Collections?

Video #1 - Collecting Part 1

Video #2 - Collecting Part 2

Video #3 - Collecting Part 3



9:00am - Camp Introduction


9:30am - Live Bug Show!

                         *We will show off our large collection of live cockroaches, beetles, stick bugs, and arachnids!

                  - Spend the next 3 hours collecting insects in your backyard, and we will talk about them in the afternoon

*Following the morning zoom session, we will do an optional in-person collection session with one of our leaders! Campers and parents can meet at Willow Bend and we will practice social-distance insect collecting 

2:30pm - Discuss the answers for the first 4 pages of the Bug Activity Book

               - Explain cool insect physiology facts with room for questions!

               - Does anybody have any cool insects to show off that they've collected in their yards or neighborhood??

Additional Documents and Videos:

What is an Insect?

What is an Arachnid?

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