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Wednesday, July 22nd



9:00am - Insect Life Cycles!

                        *Do you know the 3 main types of insect metamorphosis? Which insects go through each?

                        *View some cool examples of insect life cycles and work through activities on your own!

*Following the morning zoom session, we will do an optional in-person collection session with one of our leaders! Campers and parents can meet at a designated outdoor location and we will practice social-distance insect collecting 

2:00pm -  Meet to discuss activities and worksheets related to the life cycle lesson 

                    *Show off your pictures and go through answers to the metamorphosis trivia questions!

2:30pm -  Ask A Scientist

                     *This is a fan-favorite:

                     *Ask Neil Cobb (the world's smartest entomologist) ANY insect or arachnid questions that you can think of

                     *If he gets the answers wrong he will get water dumped on his head! Have fun with thinking up hard questions!!


Additional Documents:

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