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Tuesday, July 21st  

Please watch the following videos before Tuesday's session: 

Video #4 - Insect Orders

Video #5 - Pinning

Video #6 - Pointing

Video #7 - Labeling

Video #8 - Squishy Bugs



9:00am - Insect Orders and Collections

                        *Why do entomologists keep collections?

                        *What's the best way to identify and label your specimens?


                  - Pinning Lesson


*Following the morning zoom session, we will do an optional in-person collection session with one of our leaders! Campers and parents can meet at a designated outdoor location and we will practice social-distance insect collecting 

2:30pm - Pointing Lesson and Insect Vials


                  - "Show and tell" for all insects collected thus far

                        *What cool insects have you collected and pinned? Have you tried to identify or label any of them?

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