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Bug Collecting Techniques

We use both active and passive ways to collect insects. These methods allow us to document insect biodiversity. We cannot conserve something if we do not know it exists. Additionally, we promote observations through iNaturalist, see our iNaturalist website. We use about nine different collecting methods


Sweep Netting

Sweep Netting: In sweep netting, a net with a long handle is used to sweep through vegetation, such as grass or bushes, to collect insects that are resting or feeding on the plants. The net is swept in a wide arc to cover a large area and efficiently capture insects.

Using a big net

Aerial Netting

Aerial Netting: This technique involves using a specialized net to capture insects while they are flying or hovering in the air. It requires skill and precision to maneuver the net to catch the targeted insects mid-flight.



Aspirating Insects from an Insect Net : This method involves using a manual aspirator, a device equipped with a tube and a bulb, to suction insects from an insect net. A great way to collect delicate or small insects without damaging them, by gently drawing them into the tube for later observation or study.


Night lighting

Night Lighting: We set up a large three

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