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   Collections that teach. . .

                     A project of BON-TEACH in                             partnership with museums/universities/schools                                                                                             


                                     Educators integrating a                                                 collection-based pedagogy         


        In person F2F programs TBA           

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Parent Reviews:


Extremely informative introduction to the topic. Hands-on classification activities bring the concepts to life.


My 11yo daughter loved this class - the projects were very engaging and even after the class finished she continued to use what she learned in her everyday studies of the world outside in her garden and in her books. Would highly recommend!

My 10 year old son loved this class--he is a budding coleopterist (one who studies beetles) so he was thrilled to learn more about how animal classification works. He particularly loved the opportunity to share his collection of fossils with the class via video chat. We think this class would be perfect for any kids interested in science, or ones who just like to see that there is a way to make sense and order in the world (particularly these days!)

Really great class that was so full of important information that should be a prerequisite for all biology type classes. The instructor is methodical and deliberate and every second was full of learning. This is not an artificial tech stimulating class. This is actually a “hands” on class, and the instructor set up very unique ways to make that happen. The children were engaged throughout and participating. I do though think there should be a part two to this class. Once we got in the rhythm the class was over. We are definitely going to sign up for more classes with Dr. Basham!


My son enjoyed this class a lot and found it interesting and fun.

My son loved the class and the teacher taught the students so much about root words and such!!! A wealth of knowledge, awesome class. Thank you!

Great topic, very well presented! - thank you!

Dr. Basham is a wonderful teacher who had a wealth of knowledge on the topic. She was engaging and the class had just the right amount of back-and-forth dialogue. I loved that the homework she assigned was thought-provoking and required critical analysis. We look forward to future classes with her.

A lot of information and the homework is enjoyable and kept my son involved from start to finish.


Our daughter participated in this class VERY enthusiastically and now would like to learn more about the subject.

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An excellent and well presented course.

Both of my children enjoyed this two part class as well as the homework which they thought was really fun. Dr. Anne Basham was well organized and the class seemed to run smoothly from my observation. The kids hope to take another class with her in the future.


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